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Here you will find information on the history of ANRI wood carvings as well as the prominent ANRI wood carving artists that have created fine quality wood sculptures for 100 years.

ANRI Nativity information site.

If you have questions regarding your personal ANRI collection or item, please post them (with a picture if possible) to our new Facebook page: ANRI Wood Carvings.

That page has been set up so that you may add an image to your question and we will be happy to try and assist. However, our specialty is ANRI Nativity.

We cannot provide resale values for ANRI figurines on the secondary market.

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75 Responses to Welcome to our ANRI wood carving site

  1. Arnas says:

    Dear Sirs,
    We are collectors of nutcrackers. Can you please help us to find out if nutcrackers were carved / created by all artist or only some specific?
    Thank you very much in advance.

    • Hello Arnas – ANRI may have done some nutcrackers at some point, but that is not what they are known for and real nutcrackers are mainly from the Erzgebirge region of Germany.

  2. Wanda Nell Lewis says:

    Does Anri have a repair service for Ferrandiz figurines?

  3. Carla Lantz says:

    Hello, I posted a comment on the facebook page. Thank you.

  4. carol mills says:

    I acquired a miniature pair of slippers, turquoise blue, yellow cord around the slipper, with a doll in each slipper. Please can you tell me how old they are and what they would be worth.



  5. dean o says:

    My mother gave me 6 Exclusive Anri figurines , two have Ferrandiz on base , two are Disney characters , Daisey and Donald Duck , one has Valentine on base and one has John Sands on base . All are in excellant condition . Trying to find value ?

  6. James Appleton says:

    Hello… I recently received my mother’s Anri Chess Set as a gift. It was given to her in 1968 and purchased in Germany by her father. I have attached a link to a Dropbox folder with some images I took last night. I’d really like to know if this is something of considerable value that I should insure. I do not wish to sell it at this time but I would like to know as much information about its history, craftsman, and the set that it is, I would also like to know if the box that the board rest on was from Anri as well or something that another wood craftsman made.


    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



    • Hello James – The ANRI logo shows that it is from 1958 and under the Toriart name. This would indicate that they aren’t made from wood but from Sculptulite which was a like a resin that ANRI used around that time. My best guess is that the board was separate form elsewhere unless it was incorporated into another piece. It looks like the Charlemagne set which was hand painted and a beautiful set but probably would only sell for a few hundred dollars.

  7. Melissa Henszey says:


    I have a collection of Anri Salvan gnomes–both the 6″ and the 3″ that I would like to sell. Can you advise as to how many pieces are in the entire original collection? I have 15 of the large ones and have not yet assessed the smaller sized ones. I would like to sell them as a group rather than piecemeal. Do you have any suggestions on best online place to sell?

    thanks so much for your assistance.

    Best regards,


    • I’m not sure of the amount in the series but I would guess around 20. There is no place I can recommend to sell them other than online auction sites such as ebay.

    • Bruno Buratti says:

      Hi Melissa, the complete series is composed of 18 pieces, both in 3″ than in 6″ size. I am looking for 9 pieces in 6″ mesure and i am interesting in buying, if you want

  8. Cecilia Gallagher says:

    I own a beautiful Anri nativity that has a music box and light from the 1950’s or 1960’s. How should I care for the wood? I was thinking of using lemon oil with a Q-Tip. Would that be recommended? Thank you for your time.

  9. Ray Koch says:

    I purchased a 11 inch statue of the Virgin Mary at a sale. It has a wood base and it appears to be all wood. It has the ANRI emblem on the underside and the name Alice printed there as well. How can I tell if it is made entirely of wood and the history of this piece.

    • Hello Ray, On our ANRI Facebook page several Madonna pieces have been discussed and maybe more information is there. You can also post a picture. Usually, the piece would be wood or resin. If you see wood grain on the bottom, it is probably entirely wood.

  10. Ann says:


    What does “Toriart” mean? Are the figurines, made in Thailand, less valuable than those made in Italy?


    • Hello Ann, I’m not sure how they came up with the name but the Toriart pieces were made of a composite material rather than 1 sculpted piece of wood. The name isn’t for Thailand. I would say wood pieces are generally more valuable.

  11. Norman says:

    What new Kuolt 3″ nativity figure(s) will come out in 2014? Are there sources for vintage Kuolt 3″ figures carved prior to 1970s?

  12. G. Katstra says:

    How old is a 19 inch owl with ears and a pine tree at its base.. I believe it was bought around the early 80’s. It is very beautiful and has a round metal piece on the bottom of it with ARNI written on it. I would like to know who carved it. Thank you for your time..G Katstra

  13. Jean Alexis says:

    Sorry for my bad English (lack of pratice).
    I purchased a Madonna statue recently with Anri stamp (1912-1952). Please could you tell me the artist who carved it or give more informations about this piece. Thanks

    Link below :

  14. Louise Tuomey says:

    I bought a Nativity set in 1965. This set is all wood carved and the figures are all attached. There is a large tree on the outside of the stable. There is also a music box with three angels that turn around. There is also a light on the inside.
    Can you tell me how much this might be worth.

  15. J McAfee says:

    We started collecting pieces from the Juan Ferrandiz miniature nativity set in 1985. We are looking for the 1.5″ Standing King to add to our set. Any suggestions where we might find this one piece?

    Thank you

  16. Evan says:

    Hoping you can help. Is there anyway to date these pieces. They have been in the family for years and I always thought they were amazing it wasn’t till this year I actually googled them to find out about them. That led me here.

    It includes the manger and 17 pieces (baby jesus, mary, joseph, 3 kings, guessing innkeeper, another male admirer, man holding baby sheep and three other sheep, man playing reed pipes, young boy on his knees, cow, donkey and angel on the manger.
    It is a least 40 years old and probably no older than 55 (unless my parents bought it used which is possible). the pieces are in great shape (was going to say immaculate but that didn’t seem material appropriate).
    Is there a way to get info on date carved and who carved them? Also while they are not for sale, curiosity has me wondering an approximate price for the set. Some online looking has prices all over the place. Thanks

    PS. I did post pics on the Facebook site.

  17. Suzanne L. Schroeder says:

    I have an ANRI FERRANDIZ figurine with an “M/” edition number on the bottom as the numbering. What does the “M” represent; an artist proof or prototype?
    I need to go dig up some of my old ANRI club newsletters for the answer.
    Thank you for your time, look forward to your response.

  18. Lily Kingston Chadwick says:

    I posted a photo of an 18th century style lady figurine on your Facebook page about a week ago, but haven´t had any replies. Hoping for some information as I can´t find anything similar on the Anri sites. No Anri label on this one , but it looks like there are the remainders of a stamp and a sticker with the number 16082, could this be the series no. ? I have since acquired 3 more, equally nobly dressed, but the period seems to be slightly different with each one. Again no Anri stickers on these (unfortunately that was on the 1 that had already been sold), but 1 has the no. 16080.
    Thank you for any help you can give.

    • Hi Lily, Trying to find some info. ANRI numbers for a series are often 5 digits so those likely are the original part numbers.

      • Lily Kingston Chadwick says:

        Thanks, I´ll keep checking your page. The one with the number 16080 , is a nobleman holding a rose, I can post a photo on your facebook page if it helps.

  19. Robyn says:

    I have several ANRI Ferradiz pieces that have a black signature on the bottom – it looks like it might say “georg mall…something” Do you know who this is? Is it the carver? Thank you! Robyn

  20. Kristie Nielson says:

    I have a set of three ANRI angels – Two are Heavenly Angels (Caritas, 119/250 and Felicitas, 236/250) and the other is and artist proof (Pax). Can you tell me where I can get a value and/or sell these?

    • Hi Kristie, I apologize but we do not have values for ANRI on the secondary market. You could try listing it on web auction sites, but ANRI is a niche market and finding the matching buyer is often luck. With eBay you would reach the most people.

  21. Albert says:

    I inherited these pieces and wondered if you could tell me their origin?

  22. Dennis H Headington says:

    I have one of your beautiful UNIVERSUM Space Ace Chess Set packaged in the hard cardboard package. I am interested in finding one of your wooden cases that you sold some of your sets in.

    Are there any available and if so, what do they cost?

    If not available, would it be possible to make one and if so at what cost?

    Thanking you in advance for whatever information you can provide me.

    Dennis H Headington

    • Hello Dennis – this is not currently available from ANRI and IF they made a new one, (which I doubt) it would cost a fortune. I think you are going to have to try and find one on the open market.

    • Fiona Elliott Peters says:

      Hello Dennis,
      Is your “Universum” Space Age Set the small (4″ King) or large (10″ King)? And did you find the wooden box you were looking for?
      Space Age Chess was designed by my late husband Arthur Elliott.

  23. NANCY SMITH says:

    My mother purchased the 10 inch Bernardi nativity set back in the mid 1970s. This set was a “clothed” version meaning the figurines were wood carved bodies and the clothing was real not carved wood. Would this make the set more valuable or less valuable? or more or less rare? Thanks !

  24. C. P. Curry says:

    Can you please provide a distributor(s) in Houston, TX USA that handles the nativity figurines.
    Thank you,
    C.P. Curry

  25. Dolores Deel says:

    I purchased a statue recently with Anri carved on the side. The box states it is “Our Lady of Humility” but I have looked everywhere and cannot find a value. Can you provide a little history on the piece like when it was first put out because the box looks older. There is a number on the box P1076, can you tell me if that means anything and the age of the piece.
    Thank you

  26. D Parmenter says:

    Please give me information on my purchase of Anri woodcarving. Description: Bust of J.S.Bach, base (dark wood) size appx 4×3.5×1.25 inches. Carving (light/yellow wood) , 4×3.5×7 inches. rolled wig/ visage/ upper torso. No date.

    Thank you.
    Indiana, USA

  27. Georgia Armour says:

    I was given a wood carving by Anri. It is a man offering flowers to a woman and in the background is a well pump. I was told it is the poor poet but I’m not sure. I was given this beautiful carving 41 years ago. I’m also wondering how much it is worth.
    I appreciate any information.
    Thank You,
    Georgia Armour

  28. BJ Lewandowski says:

    looking for information about older pieces in my collection — titles, carver, dates. Can you help me?

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