ANRI Back to the Roots

ANRI nativity set again in linden wood – as they once were.

The ANRI Nativity in this new series captures the antiqued/aged look reminiscent of the traditional craftsmanship. Carved in linden wood, each piece is hand painted in special water colors by skilled artists.

Linden wood, different from maple wood, is very soft and makes it possible to carve the figurines more sharp edging. Whereas the maple is painted with oil based paints, the linden wood is painted in warm water color paints.

ANRI Nativity Back to roots
ANRI Back to roots nativity in linden wood


For the linden collection, ANRI uses only selected lime wood. This wood is air-dried until it reaches a humidity of 10%. Each raw piece is then cut out accordingly.


Each single item is hand carved according to the artist’s master piece. The carver requires up to 20 cutting irons in many different sizes and forms to facilitate the production of a figure. The soft lime wood is particularly suitable for carving and allows each figure its own special character. As a result, a truly unique piece is created.


All items are hand painted. Trained painters use water colors and the finest brushes, as they allow the wood grain to remain visible. A specific follow-up treatment lends these figures the originality of a genuine and antique woodcarving.

Available as:

Original Prof. Karl Kuolt 14 figure Nativity set
Original Prof. Karl Kuolt 12 additional figurines
Original Bachlechner 16 figure Nativity set
Original Bernardi Florentiner 12 figure Nativity set
Original Walter Bacher 13 figure Nativity set
Original Walter Bacher 13 figure Nativity set- natural without base
Original Walter Bacher 4 piece Angel set

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ANRI linden wood ox figure

21 Responses to ANRI Back to the Roots

  1. Judy says:


    I purchase a carved hunter figurine. Craftsmanship is excellent. Figurine features a hunter with gun and a deer laying by his feet. Could this possibly be an ARNI?

    • Hello Judy – It is possible as there have been so many carvings over the last 100 years but it is also possible that it is a similar woodcarving from Tyrol or even a carving from elsewhere. Does it have any kind of distinguishing characteristic to make you think it might be ANRI?

  2. Judy says:

    Can you please tell me what a N stamp means?

  3. Theo lowe says:

    I recently purchased a tall woodcarving I believe to be St Thomas. It was probably purchased in Italy in the mid 1940s. It is labeled with an Anri label that says, Trade Made on top of the green, black, and white label with red trim. It says, Made in Italy on the bottom of the label. It also has a 2nd label that is Tyrolean Art, in green and red label. The Saint is holding a violin. He is approx 14 1/2″ tall. It is also stamped Italy on the wood. Can you tell me anything about him.

    • Hello Theo, That sounds like the 1952 ANRI label. Although I’m not sure which saint would have a violin. Maybe it is just a musician?

      • Theo lowe says:

        I have decided it probably isn’t a saint, too. The year would be about the right time frame. I’ll do some searching on it. Thank you for the reply. Theo

      • Theo lowe says:

        I found one that looks just like mine, however, there is a minor difference. He is a 1952 14″ carved Monk with a violin. I found one on eBay. The difference is mine is not a music box and the bottom of theirs looks like it is. Mine is also missing the music stand, otherwise he is in excellent condition. Do you know if there are others without the music box? Thank you so much for your help, theo

  4. Pattie Davidson says:

    I am interested in a catalogue and price list for Prof Karl Kuolt 6 in Lindenwood pieces. Please send to Pattie Davidson
    P.O. Box 27
    Midland, Georgia 31820 USA Thank you.

    • Hello Pattie, We have a Kuolt catalog but not specifically for Linden Wwod, although the pieces are the same in subject. You can see the pictures here: Kuolt 6″ Please contact our store if you would like us to help you with acquiring Linden versions.

  5. Danilo says:

    I am Brazilian I have a sculpture ANRI unfortunately could not identify any signature, but she probably has some 50 years, with the image it is possible to identify the artist?

    • Hi Danilo, unless the artist is relatively well known and popular, it’s almost impossible to identify them for a piece that old. For most people, it would not matter as long as it’s ANRI.

  6. Bev Mooney says:

    In the 50’s. close family friends traveling in Europe purchased a wood carving, measuring 5″ wide x 6″ high–all done in one piece. The carving is of a mother standing over the cradle of her baby. The side of the cradle states 1743. There aren’t any markings on the carving that I can see. It is quite old. The bottom of the carving has a very worn off type of cloth or felt for protection and two foil stamps attached. One stamp indicates South Tyrolian Art with a symbol and Handcarved Wood. The other stamp states TradeMark Anri, Made in Italy. I’m trying to determine a value of the piece.

  7. sharee fenderson says:

    The numbers OK n the back of my piece is 971/4000 . thanks

  8. sharee fenderson says:

    I have a wood carving of a little boy dressed in a suit with stripped pant, and a long-tailed suit jacket. With his arms behind his back. I have had for like 20 years. I wanted to know if its possibly worth anything

  9. Deb Rein says:

    Hi, I have been going through my in-laws’ home after their deaths 🙁 and I came across something I think may be Anri. It does not have the Anri symbol on the bottom, but I suppose it could have come off. There’s a label that looks like it’s missing. There are other labels on the bottom that says Hand Painted Made in Italy, Style N. 28/M and it’s on a base that is musical that plays Silent Night. Do you think this is Anri? It looks like baby Jesus in a basket with blanket and I suppose that is Mary and Joseph with him. Joseph is holding a lantern and a walking stick and Mary is kneeling down with her hands crossed over her chest. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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