ANRI Carvings

While there have been many ANRI products over the years, the ANRI Nativity remains the most popular and collectible. Usually sold in Starter or Expanded sets, individual pieces are often added over the years as collectors complete their scene of the Holy Birth. There are several different sizes of figures available in the various ANRI Nativities. All figure sizes are based on Joseph and scaled accordingly from there.
You can see several of the sets by clicking below.ANRI Nativity stable




ANRI Back to the roots
ANRI Nativity
ANRI Nativity Holy Land
ANRI Chess Sets

12 Responses to ANRI Carvings

  1. Chrisanne says:

    Have a complete chess set of figures in a box marked Anri Juan Ferrandiz. Haven’t been able to find this particular pattern anywhere — the figures are beautiful — they look like mini versions of Goebel children which seems to follow Ferrandiz’s childlike theme. There’s no chess board. Does anyone have any info on the value of such a set or where to find more info on it? Thanks!

  2. Debbie says:

    I have a few Anri rough cut wood carvings. Since these have not been hand painted are they of any value?

    • Hi Debbie, I’ve never heard of anyone collecting rough cut carvings. ANRI does have some pieces that are “Natural” and unpainted where that is considered the finished product though.

  3. Judie says:

    Have hand carved horse one stand. Left fore leg and right rear leg raised. He is standing in front of slanted fences. Doesn’t have Anri tags but saw one on eBay with stickers. Are year made and artist available? Would appreciate any info. I have always loved your carvings. Bought one at Knotts Berry Farm in California USA in mid 60’s. Too bad it was given as a gift. Wish I had it today.

  4. Darleen Graham says:

    I have an Anri music box …. King of the Road. Unfortunately, it’s missing the stick he holds and the bag of his belongings. Is there any way I can complete this otherwise perfect music box?
    Thank you.

  5. Michelle Grace says:

    I have 5 wooden napkin Bobble head rings, all unique. When would these have been made?

  6. Jon Gibson says:

    I have a very nice ANRI Chess set with no board. I would like to find one. thanks, jon

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