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Christmas, the festival of the Birth of Christ, is irrevocably bound to many traditions around the world. The Nativity scene, lovingly set up beneath the Christmas tree, is a fixed part of the season in many households. It is said that it was St. Francis of Assisi who first had the idea, back in 1223, of setting up a representation of the Christmas story. This passion for nativity scenes blossomed during the Baroque period. As a means of illustrating belief, lavish scenes were designed and created under the guidance of Jesuit priests and set up in local churches. In time, smaller nativity scenes were also set up in townhouses and farms.

Today, there is as an endless variety of nativity scenes, but the main components have remained the same: the stable at Bethlehem and the Holy Family – Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus, the ox and the donkey, with the Shepherds and the Wise Men watching over them, in reverence and awe. ANRI offers many additional pieces to supplement your collection. These often borrow from different European cultures and allow you to personalize your set without disrupting the celebration of the original Nativity.

ANRI Karl Koult Nativity
ANRI Traditional Kuolt Nativity
Anri Ulrich Bernardi Nativity
ANRI Florintiner Bernardi Nativity


Karl Kuolt designed Nativity
featuring a
traditional and
understated look.






 Ulrich Bernardi Original


ANRI Juan Ferràndiz Nativity
ANRI Whimsical Ferràndiz Nativity





Juan Ferràndiz Nativity
with a child theme.

20 Responses to ANRI Nativity Sets

  1. Ned Gassan says:

    While in NATO in Naples I purchased a 28 piece Anri wood nativity set in 1986 in Sorrento It. It includes the manger and no piece is higher than 1.5 inches (the camel being the tallest). Each piece is painted, and the animals include lambs, a cow and camel with baby. I was told this set is very rare and only a few were made as the craving was so small. The set was purchased ever three years as it wasn’t produced at one time. It came in a small wooden box with a compartment for each piece. Do you have any idea of its value and rarity?

  2. Anthony says:

    Hey! I have this Jesus and Mary 8.5in statues. I am unable to find any like them on the internet. Is there a name for this series, or could you possibly give me any info that would help me? They’ve been handed down in my family and were probably purchased a long time ago. Thanks!

    • Hello Anthony – I don’t have any specific info on these. There are 2 very similar ones now and they are just called Christ bust and Maria bust. This is common for ANRI names. If you post the picture on our ANRI Facebook page – including the logo if there is one – there is a gentleman there who has an amazing supply of old ANRI catalogs who has been very helpful.

  3. Darrell Clark says:

    Do the wood pieces require anything to maintain their condition?

    • Hi Darrell, Only dusting and to be out of direct sunlight. Some would say away from smoke and odors that could be absorbed into the wood too. In general, the less done to them the better.

  4. mary kent buttimer says:

    I have a complete Anri very large manager scene with wise men, animals, Mary and Joseph and Jesus and Angel and would like to see how much it is worth and sell it. I have collected it since I was 7 and am now 49. Excellent condition with stickers still on bottom of figures. Last piece was given to me years ago.

  5. Susan Messer says:

    I have a few pieces pieces I would like to have approximate value on –
    4 Anri/Ferrandiz angel ornaments 1980’s
    1 piece Anri 1 piece Nativity
    1 6 inch Ferrandiz boy & girl bagpipe duet
    I have no idea what I should insure them for
    Your help please
    Kindest regards
    Susan Messer

  6. Michael Malouf says:

    I have collected the 12cm (5″) ANRI Florentiner for over 30 years. Well, my parents would give me a new figure each Christmas, so it was accumulated over a period of time. I have recently found some pieces to complete the set on eBay and on some websites in Europe, but there are a few pieces I can’t find, one being the camel.
    I did acquire a sheep recently which seemed very new. Does anyone know if the same wood is being used as it was 30 years ago.
    Does anyone know if the Florentiner set is even being made any more?

    • Hi Michael, It is probably the same wood, usually Maple or Linden wood. However the patina can change over the years for painted pieces. I’m not sure if they are currently producing the set but they do have a few in stock at ANRI. The camel was not one of them. Having them make the pieces you need is not out of the question but it is usually a lengthy process, most of it waiting. If you would like, you can send us a message here and we can investigate what is available.

  7. robert f. renner says:

    i bought a large nativity set at an estate sale that i believe is anri since the owner had a large binder of anri information that had a letter in it dated 1987 that said she had been an anri member for many years. but none of the pieces have any markings. they are colored and are very light and very detailed. the stable has a light bulb in the back. the box they were in said 1969 to 1972 nativity set. could these be anri? thank you.

  8. maureen wydysh says:

    I want to know about the mini nativity set bernardi created in the 1980’s

  9. Samuel Siklas says:

    My mother entered a nursing home late in ,2008. At that time I inherited an Anri Christmas nativity/music box. She saw in in a store window one holiday season, but could not buy it. Yet, the next year, there it was, in the same window- she said it felt like it was waiting for her. My grandmother covered half the cost, so my mom had this wonderful piece from 1970 or 1971 until 2008. She called it a Christmas Kresch( she pronounced it KRAYSCH). It had a music box which played Silent Night, and four angel figures which rotated around the Nativity scene when the music box played. It originally also was lit with a flashlight bulb using D size batteries. It is still a unique Christmas item, and as I understand it, only around 400 of this series were ever made. My mom and her Anri collection were featured in a late 1980’s issue of the Anri collectors magazine. Any more information on this would be appreciated. Thank You.

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