ANRI Wood Carving Artists

Famous artists and modellers from around the world have created unique designs that the skilled workers at ANRI transform into beautifully detailed wood carved figures.

The most popular artists among collectors today are Karl Kuolt, Ulrich Bernardi and Juan Ferràndiz. Kuolt and Bernardi figures maintain a more traditional look whereas Ferràndiz figures feature a more whimsical childlike design. While some of these great master carvers have now passed, their vision and style is kept alive by new carvers trained specifically to match the original pieces.

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Karl Kuolt
Ulrich Bernardi
Juan Ferràndiz
Sarah Kay
Josef Bachlechner
Walter Bacher
Fini Moroder

4 Responses to ANRI Wood Carving Artists

  1. Martin Benshoof says:

    who did horse carvings in wood labeled ANRI Italy I have 3 individual light colored pieces

  2. David says:

    it felt like it was waiting for her. My grmndaother covered half the cost, so my mom had this wonderful piece from 1970 or 1971 until 2008. She called it a Christmas Kresch( she pronounced it KRAYSCH). It had a music box which played Silent Night, and four angel figures which rotated around the Nativity scene when the music box played. It originally also was lit with a flashlight bulb using D size batteries. It is still a unique Christmas item, and as I understand it, only around 400 of this series were ever made. My mom and her Anri collection were featured in a late 1980 s issue of the Anri collectors magazine. Any more information on this would be appreciated. Thank You.

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