ANRI Chess Sets

Magnificent chess sets made of maple with hand carved and hand painted pieces. Two of the more noteworthy sets are the Universum Space Age chess set designed by U.S. artist Arthur Elliott and the ANRI Montsalvat chess set, named after the castle where the Holy Grail is kept, in the legend of “King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table”.

ANRI chess set
ANRI Universum chess set
ANRI chess set hand painted
ANRI Montsalvat chess set









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  1. Elena says:

    Hi everybody,
    I have a Anri Universum chess set designed by Arthur Elliott bought by my grandfather in the 70s and almost never used. I’m interested in selling it but I can’t find any similar on eBay or other e-commerce to compare and to define a price for mine. I have no idea how much I could sell it. Please, can you help me? thank you!

    • Hi Elena, I am not sure of the resale value and we do not touch on that in this forum. Something like that doesn’t have an established “price guide” value. I am posting your comment though because I believe other people looking for the set you have may happen upon this page.

  2. Renee says:

    Hi All: I found this site so helpful….

    Here is a beautiful, perfect vintage condition Universum Space Age chess set we just listed in our Etsy shop. We are never 100% set on prices, so anyone who is interested, please ask! Thanks to all here!!


  3. Kathleen Harrison says:

    I have just posted some pictures on your facebook page of a set I have in my possession that I can’t find in any of your catalogs or anywhere online. The king is 5 3/4″ tall and the box is quite unique. The set is ivory and ebony. Can you help me identify it?

    Thank you, Kathleen

  4. Matteo Milelli says:

    Hi. I bought a cheesboard and chess pieces some week ago and i discoverd that were produced by ANRI.
    I found some information on internet about the chess pieces (Anri Toriart Charlemagne). They probably were made in the 70s. Do you know the exact year of production and their value?
    I haven’t found information about this chessboard. Could you tell me something about that (which kind of wood, year of production, value…)?
    thank you

  5. Missy Haskell says:

    Hi there, I just recently just inherited 4-5 chess sets from my father. I know that you don’t appraise the pieces, but just looking to get some infomation about them and where should I go from there. One is ” Modern Staunton” by Authur Elliott In it’s original case, and the second one is a travel set with the pieces inside the board but no writing on them at all. I believe that he also purchased them in the sixties. I have pictures as well. I would be greatful for your help. Thank you
    Sincerely Missy

  6. Dana slagle says:

    I have a chess set and would like to know the value. Can you help me ? How do I send a pic?

    • Dana slagle says:

      The pieces are lions Panthers bears kangaroos tiki huts very intricate details. Its is an anri .

    • Hello Dana, we don’t provide antique values for ANRI pieces on the secondary market. You could post a picture if you have questions on our ANRI Facebook page.

  7. Roman Kalabus says:

    I acquired recently King Arthur 4 1/2″ set, polychrome. Unfortunately no box.
    Do you know if it is possible to purchase box for this set directly from Anri ?

    • Hello Roman, I would say there is a 99.999% chance you cannot get it from ANRI. That said, I would try contacting them directly at and maybe you will get be lucky.

      • Ann Teel says:

        Please assist me…I purchased a hand crafted and hand painted chess set by Anri Italy by mail for my husband in the 70’s. (Rounded base with felt bottom…no box) It looks medieval, but not any of the pictures match,..not Montsalvat. How much is it worth? We are leaving it to a grandson.

        • Hello Ann, We do not have values of antique ANRI items and the market is very niche and thus the value is very subjective. Also, there is not enough information to identify the set.

  8. Ernie Romano says:

    Hi , Im looking for a D’Artagnan chess set and also for the one Anri makes with cow boys and Indians. Would you notify me if you should come across these. Thanks Ernie

  9. Tina Burford says:

    I have come across an Anri Space Age box (unfortunately, it was empty & didn’t have the pieces. Am I correct in assuming their are probably collector’s who would be interested in the box alone?

  10. Mike says:

    Just purchased a Montsalvat set at auction. The king is about three and a half inches tall. All the other sets I have found in my research have taller pieces. It this possibly are rare set, or do I have a fake?
    Best Regards,

  11. Jesse Gordon says:

    I have an unusually large Anri Universum set that I purchased about two years ago. Th King is 10″ large and pawns @ 4.5″. Haven’t been able to find another anywhere. Wondering if you can tell me anything further about the set. Below are links to some pictures. There is a large egg on the top of the white king for scale


    • Hi Jesse – All the same info would apply other than the size. Do you have a board?

      • Jesse Gordon says:

        No board-just the pieces. I suspect that much fewer of these were produced than the normal size pieces? Have you ever seen larger sizes of other Anri sets? I was thinking that perhaps they were made as a store display?

    • Xiong says:

      I have the complete Anri Walter Bacher 1970 Nativity set with the board and with all 10″ figurine, they wanted to sell it for $12,000 USD but I told them to wait longer until we get appraise. Do you think it worth $12,000?


      • Hello Xiong, The value can be very subjective. When you say “board” do you mean the manger/stable? How many pieces do you have?

        • Xiong says:

          Yes I mean the stable and the entire pieces is there from baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, lamb, angel hanging on top of the house where Jesus born, the 3 wise men, and so fourth…

          • I won’t be able to tell you a value for your set on the secondary market. However, you need to think about the value based on how many pieces you have not just whether you have a set or not. ANRI nativities are expandable and which pieces you have in your collection will determine the value. You can’t use this strictly as these are for new retail pieces, but you can get an idea what 10″ figures from a new ANRI Kuolt nativity set would be here.

  12. M. Gray says:

    Recently someone saw a photo of a chess set (bought by my late husband in the mid-late 1960s) and told me it was an original Anri Universum. Poor thing has been lying unused for decades. Then I recalled I also had the wooden box.
    Both have been reunited. In fitting the pieces back in their respective slots, I discovered some can go only in specific locations and not in others. Especially the pawns.
    What a curious turn of events.
    I’m going to list it for sale (but not on EBay). It needs a good home. I can be contacted by anyone who is interested.

  13. Cathy Kepley says:

    I recently found a chess set, the board is marked ARNI, the pieces appear to be hand carved and in a cedar box. How can I identify and or appraise my set? Thanks for any and all advice!

  14. Linda Mott says:

    I have found a Arni space age chess set. It does not have the board or the pamphlet. Is it still worth something?

  15. Hanna Bowes says:

    Hi! My husband has inherited an ANRI chess set. It appears to be gold & silver plated. We are looking for more information on it. From what we can tell it’s part of the Montsalvat Collection. What year/s were these created? How do we know exactly what set we have? Can we send a photo for help? Thank you!

  16. Ardith Korver says:

    My husband purchased a chess set many years ago – titled D’Artagnan (71816/02). I have tried to find out the value of the set. I can’t seem to find it on-line…can you help me out.

    • Hi Ardith, We don’t do appraisals here and I’m not sure of the value but I don’t believe this is one of the rare, high-end chess sets, at least in ANRI terms.

    • Ernie Romano says:

      Hi, Do you still have the D’Artagnan chess set. Is is it for sale . Regards Ernie

  17. Krista says:

    Monsalvat Gold Chess Set, I recntly purchased this set but it had no board. Does Anri make a board, what size squares should I be looking for 2.5? I just want an original board if possible. Thank you for your time.

  18. Gregg Draper says:

    Hello John Visser,

    I have the Universum Chess Set. In the original wood box with board. Purchased new in ~1970. Have carried it along all my life. If you email me, we can discuss further.

  19. John Visser says:


    I’m looking to buy this Anri Universum chess set designed by Arthur Elliott. Does Anri still produce it or would you have any for sale?


  20. Jim Good says:

    I am looking for an older chess set made by Anri in the 60s I think, called “Elsinore”. Do you know of any way I ca find and buy one of these?

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