History of ANRI Wood Carving

It all began in the late 19th century when Alois Riffeser traveled to the major European cities to sell the wood carved figurines and toys which were bought from the farmers of the Gröden Valley located in the Dolomite region of the Alps. This area in South Tyrol was part of Austria-Hungary at the time until being annexed to Italy in 1919.

In 1912 Josef Anton Riffeser founded the ANRI Company, which he named using the first two letters of his first and last name. After World War I, where he was in a prisoner of war camp in Siberia, he formulated his plan for a woodcarving company. He created his own models which he distributed successfully, mainly in the Alpine region.

Josef’s wife, Carolina Riffeser ran the company during the difficult years of war and the absence of her husband. She was especially influential as her social positions were well accepted and gained the confidence of the home workers. She also inaugurated the first canteen of the region.

When Anton Adolf Riffeser took over in 1945, he transformed the ANRI company, adopting a more industrial model which allowed for better quality control and distribution to new markets. He was followed by Ernst Riffeser who was able to enlist the services of many well known artists including Juan Ferràndiz, Sarah Kay and others. The ANRI company today is run by Thomas Riffeser, and still remains in the same family.

Gröden Valley Woodcarving
Gröden Valley

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  1. Ralph says:

    Any info on an Anri Deerslayer statue ? Date and artist.

  2. Linda says:

    i found a nicknac at a thrift store today. It has a round base that is a music box on the side of the base is a stick turns on and off..on the bottom is In braved ANRI there is a little Christmas tree over the lettters and a C with a circle around it..there’s a girl in a scarf and seems to be holding a closed umbrella. There’s a bunny next to her on the actor her coat. Saysfrrandiz want tio know about it

    • Hello Linda – There were a lot of different ones based on the Ferrandiz drawings but if you post a picture of it and the logo on our Facebook page we may be able to tell you more.

  3. Kerry Borgne says:


    I have an Anri 10″ piece, possibly named “Girl With Cat”, that appears to be catalog number 52876 if my information is correct. Is there any way to find when it was made and to find out the artists name? I was also curious if it’s known how many were made.



    • Hello Kerry – Can you post a picture including the logo on our ANRI Facebook page? With the logo we can tell the age. Although my guess is it is going to be around the 1980s and by either Sarah Kay or Juan Ferrandiz..

  4. Terri Adkins says:

    I have a pair of bookends with a Toriart blue and gold lable and a stamp that has a date and ANRI in Mass. The date looks like 1957, or 1937. I would think it is 1957. Is that likely to be correct?

  5. Years ago I was blessed to be able to buy number 50 of 50 of the 45 cm tall nativity triptych. Today I am blogging about the nativity collection and wish to include more details.

    Perhaps you could give me a little of the history, artist, etc?

    http://ournativities.blogspot.com/2015/08/anri-large-triptych.html is a photo and the webstire is referenced. Right now the blog is 2 down, 98 to go.

    • Hello Nathan – I’m not sure who the original artist is but ANRI is still using this design in what they call a “Relief Nativity” and is 5 pieces. There is actually a much smaller Triptych too but it does not have the same level of detail. It could be maple, but I’m guessing it is carved of linden wood and painted with oil color. These pieces are very limited. For a 5-piece set there might only be 1 available at any time and sells for thousands.

  6. Songchoeun says:

    Hi this is choeun from south Korea.
    I’ll visit austria with my younger brother.
    We love toys. So we want to visit your store. 🙂

    May i ask your adderss?

  7. Sharon says:

    Hi Do you know where I could find a photo of an Anri musical crèche catalog number 79971? I have been given this musical crèche which I understand was designed by Karl Kuolt and want to compare it to a photo to see if all the components are still intact. thank you

  8. Jennifer Stevens says:

    My mother purchased several lots of ANRI hand carved wooden college mascots in the early ’60’s. There are three sizes of mascots, letter openers, corkscrews, key chains and book marks. I have the original brochure from the distributors in Boston and Los Angeles and wondered if there were still American distributors? I was also wondering how rare these mascots are and what years were they made? Thanks for your help.

    • Hello Jennifer, I don’t think anyone would be selling them now. I believe they were first made in the 1950’s and carved out of wood.

      • Jennifer Stevens says:

        Thank you for your answer. Do you know what years they were made and when they stopped making them? Would there be marking on them to indicate they were made by ANRI?
        Thank you for your help

        • Jennifer Stevens says:

          One more thing- do you have any pictures or samples of the mascots? I am just trying to figure out if what I have are mascots made by ANRI or someone else. Thanks again.

          • Unfortunately, I do not have a lot information on these. There would usually, but not always, be an ANRI mark on the bottom. If you search Google for ANRI mascots and click images you can see a few examples.

  9. Cathy Hadd says:

    My husband got a gift for his birthday of the “ole Soak” bars are set of 6 corks. The 2 figures in the back of the bar are a cork screw and an opener and there are 4 figures. Can you tell us anything about when they were made and if they are rare or not?


    • Cathy Hadd says:

      Sorry, there are 4 cork figures in the front of the bar

    • Hi Cathy – This set was made between the 1920s-1950s and was the biggest ANRI bar scene. I would say it is relatively rare. In very nice condition with all the pieces it would price in the hundreds likely.

  10. Tyler Combs says:

    Hi, I’m in the process of selling an estate, and came across one example of a wall hanger (tie rack?) with three people on top:

    It has a sticker underneath:

    Curious about age and value (according to one other commenter, it’s the 1925 logo, is that correct?) Very good condition.

    • Hello Tyler, ANRI made various wall racks and that included for ties but I think some were supposed to be multi-purpose as well. It is in good condition and the logo is from 1925. We don’t offer appraisals here but I can tell you that the Philly Rains book shows similar racks from the same time in the $85-$135 range.

  11. Kris Henderson says:

    I purchased a beautiful Madonna and child sculpture at a yard sale. It is about 12 inches tall. Madonna is soft colored with a wreath of roses around her head. The Jesus figure has grapes in his arms.
    It has a green Anri sticker as well as a blue ANRI stamp.
    Just wondering if you know what it is and how old it is. Not sure of its value either.

  12. Tami Resler says:

    We just purchased a carving at an antique store of a sailor/voyageur. 12″ tall (not counting the base.) The sticker on the bottom is the 1925 trademark (same as on the page above.) It’s truly beautiful, and the other examples of this that I’ve found online are pretty poor by comparison. The wood on the base is stained and cracked, but the figure is in very good condition. The handle of the pipe is broken between the figure and the mouth, and the tassel appears to have broken the connection between the figure’s head and shoulder. Otherwise excellent. We’re wondering if you know who likely carved this or any other information about it. I posted pictures on the Anri Woodcarving facebook page also.

  13. Albert Mauz says:

    Hallo zusammen,
    habe aus eínem Nachlass heraus 9 Figuren mit der Bezeichnung Toriart Goldener Kleber mit einem T als Buchstabe und einem Aufkleber mit der Nummer 11801/1 aus einer Serie mit vielen Verschiedenen Ärzten. kannst du mir sagen was das für Material ist und wie ist die genaue Bezeichnung für diese Serie. Wie alt, oder besser wann wurden Sie gefertigt? Bin auch gerne bereit diese Abzugeben.
    Grüße Albert

    • Hello Albert, These were likely made in the late 1950s and made with a composite material called Sculptulite and sold under the Toriart name. They are ANRI but not the wooden carved figures.

  14. Btenda Flynn says:

    I have just bought an old statue of mary and baby jesus it appears to be made of some sort of soft white substance painted a soft peach color with the letters M.A carved in it. Can anyone tell me about it or its origin. Please help

  15. Alli says:

    I really admire the beautiful works of art. The wood carvers are very gifted and talented.
    I have been looking for a wood carver in the Groden region. I am needing hundreds of cuckoo clock parts carved for my business. Do you know of anyone that is wanting work?
    I have sent many emails but have had no reply. From my research on the internet the best wood carvers in the world for clock related items are located in the Groden area.
    If you know of anyone could you please email me the information really appreciate your time and help!

    • Hi Alli – cuckoo clocks are German! I’m not sure exactly where to start, but that kind of carving is from the Black Forest. I would start here: http://www.black-forest.org/

      • Alli says:

        Thank you very much for your help. I have been to the Black Forest a few times and it is beautiful. Many of my sources are no longer there and I am certain that some German cuckoo clock suppliers are now having the parts made in Italy.
        Have a beautiful day 🙂

  16. Susan says:

    I have two carved wooden men (wood grain on the bottom)that have a gold ANRI seal with green tree on the bottom. One is an old man with his hands in his pockets and the other is a man with his coat thrown over one shoulder and a walking stick in the other hand. They were given to me by my aunt was was with her husband, an Army officer, in Germany during the repatriation. Can you confirm?

  17. Ally Webster says:

    I have two carved figures that are of farm settings. One is very large 17 x 9 x 6 of a farmer plowing a field (farmer, plow, ox & horse) with a written inscription that it was purchased on May 8, 1945, end of war, at Mt Ortesi Italy for the 88th Division. The other is smaller of a cow and calf and has the same type of inscription on the bottom 88th infantry division co “B”. Any chance these may be Anri?

  18. Rick Snyder says:

    I have a 10″ tall wooden sculpture of a barefoot boy eating from a bunch of grapes he is holding in his left hand above his head and he has a larger bunch of grapes on a stick over his right shoulder. This looks identical including the soft colors to other ones I have seen listed as ANRI but it has a stamp on the bottom indicating it came from upper Bavaria. Specifically it reads Alois Futterer Schnitzereien Mittenwald, Obb. From what I have been able to determine Mittenwald is a German town near the Austrian border in the region known as Oberbayern (Obb). Alois Futterer appears to be the name of the sculptor and Schnitzereien is german word for a wood sculpture. I am trying to determine if this sculpture was carved by this person in Mittenwald for ANRI or if it was a perfect copy of an ANRI which they sold under their name. Any ideas or other information such as approximate age would be helpful.

    • Hello Rick, It sounds like it is not ANRI. I’m not sure of everything that has happened over the last 100 years, but usually it would have an ANRI mark. Sometimes they get lost or not included but ANRI is in the Gröden Valley in Val Gardena, South Tyrol Italy.

    • Frank says:

      I have two pieces from the same sculptor, both of men playing stringed instruments. Did you ever find more information about Alois Futterer? Any value to these pieces?

  19. David Wright says:

    Philly’s ANRI Wood Carvings

    The above website referenced on your website
    does not seem to exist anymore,
    I think that it contained valuable Anri label information
    that I should have copied.

    • Hello David, She must have taken it down, probably for good. Philly was a great resource for ANRI information and a very sweet lady. We are going to work on getting a similar page on this site with pictures of the logos.

  20. Chris Lewis says:

    I have an Anri (wood) carving and just trying to find a little history and/or value. It was brought from Germany by my brother while in military in the early 70’s and has an Anri sticker on the bottom. It is a carving of an old man bent over appearing to watch his brewing. Any help/info would be appreciated.

  21. Ruth Ann wampler says:

    I am trying to decide about buying the anri valentine exchange. I wonder if it is toriart resin or hand carved wood. thank you

  22. Jane says:

    HI, I have what I think is a 5 1/2 inch tall holy family statue with an oval sticker on the bottom and also a rectangular white label with a large C ANRI . I can see what looks like wood grain on the bottom but when I tap the bottom it doesn’t sound like wood. The oval label looks more gold than silver. Is this a wood carving. I don’t have a facebook account, but I was hoping you could help me anyway. Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Jane, It would be impossible to know without looking at it, but if it has the ANRI logo and you can see the wood grain on the bottom, my guess is that it is indeed wood.

  23. Jo Collins says:

    Hello! Do you have information on the dating of the different stamps/labels for ANRI? I have a funny looking clown figure box, very small turtle box and nesting red little devil dolls which have a label like the one on the top right of your website 🙂 Sorry… no Facebook.
    Thank you and Happy Holidays.

  24. sannee sesto says:

    Sorry so many add ons but it also has N. 1021 on the back.

  25. sannee sesto says:

    It auto corrected to place instead of plaque.

  26. sannee sesto says:

    I have an Anri wooden fathers day 1972 place with stand with explanation of the scene on the back. Good condition. What is the value if any?

  27. W B Meyer says:

    To add to my previous question about dating *” Kuolt Nativity. Joseph is 7 7/8 inches tall.

    Many have ink stamped marks that say “Copyright(using the circled C) by ANRI Italy” all enclosed in a rectangular box with rounded ends. Some have the gold foil label printed in green with the Tree over ANRI over Italy. Two have green on gold labels with KUOLT and 2 K’s back to back within an 8 point star. One has a plain paper label with just the Cirle C and ANRI.

    All of the pieces are marked in pencil with numbers starting with 801 (Mary) 802 (Joseph) 803(Jesus) etc sheep are 832,833,834 highest numbers seen.

  28. W B Meyer says:

    I was asked about the age and value of this set. I know you don’t give values, but can you help me date an 8″ Kuolt Nativity Set. I double checked and the Joseph figure is 8 inches tall, and they are definitely Kuolt designs, but I can find no reference to an 8″ set. The owner says she remembers the set from at least 50 years ago.

    Basically I’m just asking when the 8″ sets were made, start and end dates if you know.

    I have photos, but have never figured out Facebook

  29. Tom Noddy says:

    I have already posted a question and a set of photos to the facebook page so maybe it isn’t necessary to ask you for help here … but, just in case …

    My brother-in-law lives near Philadelphia and he has a piece from an aunt that he is interesting in knowing more about. It’s a wood carving in the form of a Swiss fireman (clutching an axe, wearing a helmet with the Swiss cross on it) and it surrounds a bottle. The head of the fireman contains the cork and it is removed when one wishes to pour a drink.

    It’s a music box and on the bottom is the key for winding and a shut off switch … but there is no sticker or other indication that it is ANRI or any other identifiable name. It is definitely wood. As I stated above, there are pictures at https://www.facebook.com/anriwoodcarvings

    Thank you in advance for any help you might provide in my efforts to tell him something about this charming piece.

  30. Alexander Chlistalla says:

    Hello, I have got a complete miniature Anri Bacher nativity set which is very small – the figures are only about 4cm. Some of them have got a square white label with a small c (for copyright) followed by the letters ANRI in green. I would like to know how old these figures may be. When did Anri produce a miniature version of the Bacher nativity? I hope that you can help me.

    • Hello Alexander, I did not even know there was a miniature Bacher set produced. The smallest I know of is 12.5 cm. The height of Joseph will tell you the set height. That is assuming they are carved wood. If they are another material that would be a different story. Bacher sets were introduced in 1960 so that would be the earliest.

      • Rom says:

        I have this little wood carved piece with anri on the bottom with a sign. Josef on his knees, height 7 centimeter, Maria on her knees and before her the baby in a basket. A little deer behind Maria’s back, on her side a squirrel and beside the basket a little rabbit offering something or touching the baby’s hand. On Maria’s other side a little tree. The clothes are mediëval by the look of them. I bought it in the eigties. Can you tell me more about it.

  31. Mike Jackson says:

    I have some Anri Toriart which are not made of wood but like a resin… My question is are the carved or molded?

    • Hi Mike, Resin items are almost always molded.

      • Joe says:

        Hi I have Anri marked nativity set that has the Toriart foil stamp on it would this be a hand carved set it is an older set thanks.

        • Hello Joe, If you look on the bottom you should see some wood grain. If so, it would be hand carved. The label would have to be seen to be verified, but it’s probably from the late 1950s.

          • Sylvia X. Herrera says:

            What if my ANRI “wake up kiss” has 304/2000 on bottom but i find online only #/4000? Is my ANRI real; it has the silver metal on the bottom?

          • Hi Sylvia, That means your series went to 2000 only. It is most likely authentic, especially if it has the metal ANRI logo. I’m not sure what the variance in the pieces would be.

          • W B Meyer says:

            Most of Sarah Kay’s pieces were made in both 4″ and 6″ sizes, including Wake Up Kiss. 4″ figures were made in limited editions of 4000 and 6″ figures were made in limited editions of 2000. Sylvia just had not found a 6″ figure.

  32. Julie says:

    We have inherited many Anri carvings. We also have many of the original boxes and there are numbers on the box but not on the carvings. We have no way of figuring out which goes to which. Is there a catalog or website that would list this and the values of each carving? We are very interested in finding out what we have.

    • Hi Julie, That depends on the carvings. You can see our ANRI catalog here with the part numbers and the current retail price: ANRI Nativity. If is not a nativity set or one of the other figures, it is going to be difficult. Usually the number will be 5 digits which represents the piece or the set. If you see this for example: 79710/01 then it means the set and the piece where as: 57102 will be just the piece.

  33. Carol Vigil says:

    I bought a pair of Native American bookends and I would love to know what year they were made. The mom is standing outside her teepee with her baby in a papoose on her back and the dad is looking out the teepee and has his peace pipe. They both have two totems on each. They are so cute! Thanks for any help

  34. Paula says:

    Hello I have many Anri pieces and have decided to sell most of them. I just sold an Anri wood carved Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus “Madonna of World Piece” it has the original sticker on the bottom of the base and is in one solid color. The buyer sent me an email telling me he does not think its made of wood that when he feels her face it does not feel like wood. I replied and advised that the item he purchase is an original wood carved Anri with its original sticker on the bottom and that the piece is all wood. Can you help, the item number on the eBay website that I sold is 131141471179 the item may show up as sold just click on original listing and I have 12 pictures I posted including the base with the original sticker. I want to assure the buyer that the piece is made of all wood and that he can be assured he has purchased an original. Please help for I certainly want this buyer to be happy with their purchase. Thank you. Waiting for reply. I don’t have Face Book that is why I have provided the item number you can use when searching for the item so you can see all the pictures. PLEASE HELP.

    • Hi Paula, There were some ANRI pieces made of other materials such as resin, but they are usually immediately identifiable. On the piece you sold, there would usually be the some visual element of the wood grain if you look closely. I can’t tell 100% from the pictures on the auction, but nothing I see would indicate that it isn’t a wooden carving. Leaving myself some wiggle room, I would say it is indeed wood. The sticker is an ANRI mark from 1954.

  35. Melanie King says:

    Are all of the Anri wooden pieces “hand carved” and/or “hand painted” or are they mass produced?

    • Hi Melanie, When people think of ANRI it’s mostly hand carved and hand painted. In their history, there have been some products that were some that were less handcrafted. Mass produced isn’t really accurate but there have been some resin and other products and even some wooden products that were more highly produced. A lot of times they would Madonna statues or even chess sets.

  36. Trish says:


    This is probably a really stupid question as I am just venturing into the world of music boxes. Can you tell me if Anri is still in business? I was not able to locate a website, as I would like to purchase from them if they are still in existence.. thank you kindly for your time.

  37. Robyn says:

    I inherited a cabin style carved wood wall piece . I believe it is musical . On the back it has a foil sticker that says 40 Years 1912-1952 Anri Wood Carvings with another pasted label with the # 1136 “Schau mich bitte nicht so an” Any idea about this piece? I have photos i could submit.
    Thanks Robyn

  38. Cherri Guenzel says:

    I just purchased an Immaculate Heart of Mary Toriart figurine. Can you tell me how old it is likely to be? It is seven inches tall.

  39. Rena says:

    what is Anri Tori Art made of ???

  40. Fabio Gabbani says:

    Hi! I use to be able to go to consult your website to find the old Anri labels; it seems that it is no longer possible. Can you tell me please where to find a compilation of these old labels or Anri signatures, or Anri marks? From the beginning of the fabrication of Anri statues or nutcrackers? Thank you very much, and all the best to you.
    Fabio Gabbani
    Ticino, Switzerland

    • Hello Fabio, that information is on a different website. I don’t see that site as live at the moment. If you have a specific one you need to know you can post it on our Facebook page. If the other website doesn’t come back soon, we will set up a page here with the ANRI labels.

  41. Kathy Sheard says:

    I have an anti with paper label – man sitting on wine barrel with glass of wine. Any idea of how old this is or value?

    • Hello Kathy, We we do not have any values available for older ANRI pieces, but if you put a picture on our ANRI Facebook page we may be able to help identify the age. Include the ANRI mark.

  42. Carol Sargent says:

    I have a Anri “Miss Murdstone” wooden figure in very good condition still with Anri sticker and I have been unable to find anyone here in New Zealand who can give me an idea of what she is worth can anyone please help.

    • Hi Carol, that is often the problem with ANRI all over the world. The market is so niche there isn’t really an industry standard for the secondary market other than what other pieces have recently sold for. The original ANRI Dickens from around the 1920’s – of which I’m not sure this one is, have been in the $300-$400 range.

  43. laurel says:

    I have a music box that plays Its a small world and has 8 small carved children figurines on the inside. It has anri markings on the bottom of the box aling with numbers. Do you know of its worth?

  44. Sheri Colan says:

    I have acquired what I believe to be a vintage Anri wood carved cork bottle topper. It would have been purchased by my grandparents in the 40’s or 50’s. There are no markings on it anywhere yet I’m fairly sure it’s authentic. Just curios if it is and what it would be worth.

  45. christopher says:

    Holiday greatings! I was contacting you in regards to a piece that I’ve acquired and have not been able to find any information about. Its a hand carved and painted spinning wheel about 22″ talk with the spindle. It still has all stickers and is in perfect working order. I’ve contacted anri and they don’t even have any information. Would love to show someone a photo and to get some information on it. I’m not a collector of anri and would love to provide one a chance to have it but have no idea what is fair.

  46. Mary Oliver says:

    I just purchased a used chess set ANRI toriart roman vs teutons w/o the chess board, in wooden box bottom is marked also with sticker and has felt on it as well the king & queens still have their stickers (that’s how i found u) the black pieces some of the gold paint is worn off and the white pieces the silver is worn down also. can u tell me roughly what this set is worth, for I have seen some prices on ebay etc . 1 question I do have is before words ANRI there is a letter c in a circle -such as when 1 does copy write are these original or copies?

    • Hi Mary, Original ANRI chess boards that are hand carved wood are usually very valuable. That said, there have been several reproductions made. The “c” is probably for copywright. Are the pieces plastic?

  47. Gabe Crotti says:

    I’ve been collecting Anri Dickens characters, the small 3 inch figures. I need three more to complete my set–Jacob Trotter, Mr. Dick and Fat boy. Since these are vintage pieces where can I find them other than ebay or Etsy. Help!

  48. Olga says:

    I have a great collection of wooden thimbles, and some of them are marked ANRI. I know, there is a serie of Anri annual thimbles by Ferrandie, with different limited editionds. Could you please tell me more about Anri thimbles? Any info will be highly appreciated. When and how long did the company produced them, how many editions, what kind of motives etc. I think, there are some records in the company’s history books. Many thanks for your help!

  49. melissa says:

    I purchased a beautiful Anri Madonna figure holding the crucifix and rose shaped rosary beads. The piece is Amazing but is not dated or signed.There is an Anri sticker on the bottom. How do I find out more information on this lovely piece?

  50. Heather Cooper says:


    I have inherited an Anri music box, containing the Thorens movement, The River Seine. The music box is of a girl holding a basket of flowers over each arm, with a flower in each hand. The girls turns in circles when the music plays. Behind the girl is a wall with two cats (one black, one white) sitting atop, and a lightpost on each end. In front of the girl is a howling terrier (dog) and on the ground are two birds to one side, and one on the other side of the dog. The platform is round and the base is octagonal.

    Can you provide information on this beautiful piece? My grandmother had brought it back from her travels in Switzerland if I remember correctly. She always purchased items where they were created. I have enjoyed it since I was a very young girl – I am now 46 years of age.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Heather, I probably will not be able to tell you the name. However, if you can post a picture to our ANRI Facebook page maybe we can tell something about it.

      • Heather Cooper says:

        Hi Bernd,

        Last night, I posted a picture of the ANRI and Thorens labels, located on the bottom of the music box. I also posted another picture of the music box, since I cannot find the old post and I wanted you to be able to recall who I am.

        Thank you for everything!!


  51. Deborah Hunt says:

    I have the great pleasure of just buying an Anri Madonna and Child from eBay. The seller is in Belgium and says it was from an estate. She is 24 cm and in perfect condition and has a gold patina added to the carving. Is there anyway you could identify the carver? I hope this image posts. She is so beautiful.
    /Users/deborahhunt/Desktop/Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 10.52.06 AM.png

  52. Elaine Gifford says:

    We are leaving for Italy tomorrow. Would love to find an Anri kneeling king from the Holy Land collection for a friend who has been looking for years. What kind of places should I look that might carry the collection? Vatican museum? Jewelry stores? Souvenir shops?

    Thanks for any help.

    • Hi Elaine, I don’t know of any place in Italy specifically. However, you or your friend can call Chris in our PA store at 215-794-7858 and if that piece is still available or able to be carved, then we can order direct from ANRI and have it shipped to the U.S.

  53. Maureen Reis says:

    I have an Anri Nativity Stable that is a music box which plays “Silent Night”. There is also a light that can be turned on to light up the main figures.
    The Jesus, Mary, and Joseph figures are attached to the stable. Around them are angels on a circle that rotates when the music plays. There are additional figures that I place on the outside of the stable which is made of wood with a little fence around it. The stable and outside are all one piece. There are three wise men, two lambs, and three or four shepherds.
    It has been in my family for about fifty years. Do you know who the artist is?

  54. Teresa Bertone says:

    I have a music box with the stamp anri burned into it. It plays “Talk to the animals” (reuge). The artist name is Jerrandiz. I see where you have listed an artist named ferrandiz. Is this the same person or another? Could you give me an idea of the age?

  55. Laura Scarborough says:

    Hello, I have a statue/statuette of the Madonna and Child that is about 7″ tall and carved in all white sculptulite. I seem to remember an ANRI sticker on the bottom at one time but it is not there now. It is in a battered Toriart box. Can you a) determine if it’s authentic and b) its approximate age? I would appreciate any help you can give me.


    • Hi Laura, I would be under the assumption that it is authentic. ANRI began using the logo on the box around 1958 so I would guess it’s from the late 50s to early 60s. The look of the box would support that I think.

  56. Gabe Crotti says:

    Hi, I have many Anri carvings–mainly barware. I recently bought a religious triptych in gold leaf with a crucifix in the middle panel and the virgin on the left flap and St. John on the right. The label is the 50th anniversary label 1952. The piece measures 9 inches high and the statues are 3 inches high and carved wood and painted. The triptych is on stand and the piece is gold gilded. Is this a rare piece. I have not been able to get any info on this piece . Thanks

  57. Pamela Wheeler says:

    I own a Reuge (Swiss) music box with a beautiful carving of a queen on top–I believe it is a carving of Queen Isabella of Spain. It is like, yet somewhat unlike the ANRI carvings that I’ve seen, and I’m having a difficult time researching this item (ANRI tag on the bottom of the box). I purchased it around 1970 (?), and it is my favorite keepsake to go through life with–so lovely. I would love to know more about it, the artist, how many were made etc. There were other “Queens” where I bought this item, but not all on music boxes. They were all expensive, and being a young woman I paid for it on time. Want to pass this down to a granddaughter with some details. Can you assist? Thank you.

    • Hi Pamela – ANRI made quite a few music boxes between the 1950s and 1970s – with not a lot of info available. Could you post a picture on our ANRI Facebook page?

  58. Luis S says:

    Hello I have a Minnie Mouse carving that is approximately 10″ tall(guessing, I don’t have it in front of me as I type this) I have tried seaching online, but cannot seem to find anything like it. I have found many that are smaller in size. I did find one but it was numbered 163/500. The one I have is numbered 50/250, if I remember correctly, I will check when I get home from work. It is a beautiful piece and I was looking to see if I can get Mickey Mouse as well. I also heard that they are nolonger made, but I would still like to try and gather any information I can find. I like to get as much of the history of items in my collection, it makes for a better conversation about the piece. Thanks in advance for any information.

    Luis S.

    • Hi Luis, Usually with ANRI the limited edition pieces are of smaller runs in the larger sizes, which makes sense. If you really want Mickey, we could inquire with ANRI what the cost and ETA would be for him – if there was one at all and if they didn’t sell all 250.

  59. Erica Wolter says:

    I have a set of Anri dogs – orchestra. No stickers at all but I’m sure they are Anri.
    When were these made and how do I find out more about them.

  60. Deborah A DiTulio says:

    I have a anri carving that appears to be the last super in a enclosed plastic reqtangular block do you know what it is named and the approx. date and value
    Thank You

  61. Dagmar Kubes says:

    I have a chess set with the label of C Anri, it came with the alabaster chess board from Italy.
    The figures have a great detail, but it doesn’t look like carved wood.
    I am searching for C Anri Italy, but all I am getting is the info on Anri Woodcarvings from Tyrols.
    Thank you very much for any info.

  62. Jason Leeb says:

    Does anyone know if this might be an Anri carving.


  63. Joanne Ford says:

    My daughter received an ANRI figurine from her Grandpa’s estate but it has now gone missing (we’re not sure how). Would love to get another one for her (same one if possible). I know what it looks like and I believe it would have been made between 1960- 1980 (possible 1975). It was only about 3″ high and a little girl with a teddy bear I believe (possibly Sarah Kay but I’m not sure). Is there a catalogue of all the ANRI figurines that were made? If you could assist that would be great.

  64. James L. Ouellette says:

    I have a nativity wood carving That is a 1 piece unit with all the figure independently hand carved.and inserted into the house / manger . It measures 23-1/2″ wide by 12-1/2″ tall by 6-1/2″ deep. It is signed
    ANDRI on the back. Is this a rare piece?

  65. Penny says:

    Is every ANRI carved figurine marked? I have a vintage figurine, age unkown, that sure looks like classic Anri, but it is not marked as such. It is an old bearded man in leiderhosen, smoking a pipe and sitting on a stump, about 6″tall and finely painted in a matte finish. On the front if the base it says “Gruss aus Tirol” and on the bottom are the initials P.G. Any clue as to where he might have come from?
    Thank you kindly for your time. 🙂

  66. ed andich says:


  67. Hi Margaret – Would you be able to leave a picture on our Facebook page?

    It should say “Tyrolian” as that is the region ANRI figures are carved in.

    • Margaret Hamilton says:

      I just realized that it was Tyrolian, there is not a lot of the tag left and that part was smudged. I will try to take a picture and down load it but I may not be able to so here goes my best try.

  68. Margaret Hamilton says:

    I have a wooden Madonna that is approximatly 20 inches high on the bottom on what is left of the tag it says South Syrolian Art hand carved and has Anri made in Italy. It was my grandparents and I was wondering if you might be able to give me some history on this particular type of Anri art work. I also have a 12 inch Joseph and baby Jesus piece. I think they got them in the 1930’s but they also could have been passed down to them from an older generation.

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