Karl Kuolt

ANRI artist Karl Kuolt
Karl Kuolt

The name of Kuolt has long been synonymous throughout the world with skilled nativity carvings. In the 1930’s, Professor Kuolt designed many monuments and chapels in southern Germany before turning to carving as a profession. He had his greatest artistic success with nativity carvings. His figures are marked by simplicity and strict piety.

Born on April 3, 1879 in Spaichingen, Germany, he was a student at the Munich School of Art and then from 1910 thru 1914 at the Munich Academy. In addition to a large number of well known monuments and memorial chapels throughout Southern Germany, he created countless smaller works which are now displayed by museums.

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  1. Trudy katstra says:

    I have an almost 19 inch owl purchased in Germany in the 80 s. I would like to know who the artist is? Thank you

  2. Martin Burque says:

    I have a nativity scene that was past down to me from my parents. It appears to be Kuolt design. The manger measures 42″ long x 24″ high. It lights up and has a wind up music box that works. It plays “Silent Night” and Adeete Fidelis (on label). Figures are approx. 10″ high and some of them have Anri gold and green label.
    My question is the manger part of Anri set or did they purchase from another company? I was wondering how old set was as I remember this set up every Christmas for at least past 48 years.
    Thank you for any history you can give me. I can send pictures if you give me site.

  3. Bruce Stowe says:

    I forgot to mention that the 16 inch King has an ANRI square
    Sticker on the bottom ,white on red , on the bottom….it has the carving of an L with a K nestled into the L …makes me wonder how did Koult sign his sculptures? Thanks. Bruce

    • Hello Bruce, I don’t actually have a copy of Kuolt’s signature to reference, but I can’t think of what an “L” would be for. Are you sure it isn’t 2 “K”s?

  4. Bruce Stowe says:

    I have a large king with sticker of Kuolt and carved on the Robe is a cap.L and a K. Almost 17 in. Tall

  5. Michelle Fuller says:

    My mother has an Anri Nativity set that she would love more information on. She would also love to be able to purchase more or the original pieces. Can you give me any info.
    Michelle Fuller

  6. Thomas Roy says:

    I have an ANRI piece I just acquired. It is a bust of the Blessed Virgin Mary, very life like, carved and beautiful colors approximately 8″ high and 4″ wide. The bottom is marked with what appears to be a round sterling silver marker about the size of two pencil erasers stamped with ANRI and a C for copyright. There is a small rectangular paper label, silver in color with some black image/print that I can’t make out or read. Can you tell me anything about this piece? It looks like late 1950’s or early 1960’s from the patina.


  7. Heide Douglas says:

    I have a complete manger scene, complete with stable, with ANRI on it and a seal with KUOLT on the pieces. It was my grandmothers. I anticipate it to be approx 80yrs old. It is a complete set with only damage to one of the sheep. Can you advise the best way to preserve it and what value it may have. Thanks.

    • Hello Heide – Well, assuming it is a painted set, the only things to be wary of is moisture(and mold), sunlight and breakage. Some people would mention any odors such as from smoking, but that is less of a concern. As an extra precaution, you might want to wrap the pieces in acid-free tissue paper when you put them away. If you post the ANRI logo on our Facebook page, we can tell you the approximate age of the Nativity set.

      • Kisa says:

        Hello Bernd,
        Thank you for the information in your reply to Heide. I might add that extreme cold or heat can result in breakage. I used to store my nativity in the attic of an unheated garage. I unwrapped them one December to find Caspar’s hand cracked at the wrist. I now store them in a closet in the house, but in a box full of those styrofoam peanuts. So next year, I will wrap each piece individually in acid-free paper before nesting them in the peanuts. Is the green & white paper they come in acid-free? Thank you.

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