Sarah Kay

ANRI artist Sarah Kay
Sarah Kay

A housewife in a suburb of Sydney, Australia, Sarah Kay had always been fond of drawing. Kay studied at an art academy and at the age of 20 started working for an advertising agency. Then she began to draw. She designed happy children in a peaceful environment like the one she had known herself on her grandparent’s farm. One day she sold some of these designs to a greeting card publisher. Nowadays, Sarah Kay is known all over the world.

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  1. Michele French says:

    What years were the Sarah Kay Anri eggs carved? We have found them for 85 86 87.

  2. Branka says:

    Hello! I am dying for this doll… Please could you tell me where I can buy it?

  3. Sherry Schoendorf says:

    I have inherited 6 6″ figurines. They are all Sarah Kay styles of children and animals. I have searched excessively online trying to identify them, but no luck. The Anri website does not list them under the Sarah Kay catalog list. A few have numbers on the bottom, but most do not. How can I identify them? Thank you so much!

  4. sally burke says:

    I have a 15″mickey mouse doll and minnie mouse as well,also nativity sets and three 15″ dolls,sarah kay figurines,santas, all in great condiition with medals in bottom of shoes etc. how do i get these seen I am not computer savvy but would like to sell them. should I take photos and send them out? thank you, sallyfont

  5. Julie Banik says:

    I’ve just inherited 3 Sarah Kay 6″ figures from my Grandmothers estate, Off to school, Yuletide Cheer and A Special Day… Love to know what they’re worth… They are beautiful/

  6. Ginnie Day says:

    I acquired the Sarah Kay Anri Carved Wood Valentine Kissing Boy & Girl Under Arch. The girl is not the girl with a cake, the girl I have is from the Romantic Notions Club Girl (she has her right index finger in her mouth). Are the Boy and the girl from the Romantic Notions with the Arch a set? If so what is the full name of the pieces. Both pieces are stamped “Design Valentine” on the bottom with the ANRI pewter stamp? I was also trying to find the value and information regarding the pieces. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Ginnie Day

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