Ulrich Bernardi

ANRI artist Ulrich Bernardi
Ulrich Bernardi

Ulrich Bernardi was born in St. Ulrich in the Grödener Valley. His extraordinary talent for sculpture was revealed while he was at art school. During his apprenticeship, he discovered his passion for nativity carving, which never left him. Ulrich Bernardi’s fame has long since spread beyond his homeland, and his works have won prizes at numerous exhibitions.

Known for his designs of religious figures and cherubs, he has made a life of modelling and designing. The spirit of his creations are embodied in the European folklore. Simple attire and innocent expressions are the characteristics of his work.

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  1. Lorraine Miller says:

    I have several nativity pieces that are signed by the artist. It looks like Xmere V Senomer is signed on the bottoms. We purchased these pieces 25 years ago. Is this artist still working? For example, the Infant box has Bernardi on it with the following numbers: 79770,01C

  2. john deighton says:

    deaqr sir.i have a anri sklupture of a skier going down a mountain side.the size is 40 cm high.16cm deep and 22 wide.the figure is wearing skis,boots,pants,jumper,apron,woolly hat.the apron has the wording gruden gardena with the number 3.this is on the front and back.the ice pack has a signature carved into it.the figure is set on a wood base and the size is 29cmwide22 deep and 4 and a half thick.the clothing has colours which are slightly faded.the quality of the carving is superb in particular the face.i have had this item in my home for around 30 years and would like to find out any info on it.i do wish to sell it and perhaps you can help me on this.i can send photos of the different angles if you wish.regards john deighton

  3. Paal Moen says:

    I have a carving By Ulrich Bernardi: a Santa Claus with his arm around a baby raindeer.
    Number 134/750 signed by Ulrich Bernardi at the bottom in 1991.
    What is the value tuday?

  4. Maggie Scillia says:

    Our church has beautifully carved Stations of the Cross ( Square ) that are colorized and apparently made by ANRI- I am trying to ascertain which carver made these stations. My understanding is that the coloring is unique or were they made with different woods?

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